• About us

HEPAChina™ is committed  to providing solutions to improve the indoor air quality in the homes of its customers in Beijing and Hebei.  We are proud to offer both genuine OEM replacement filters and our exclusive to China HAD™ antimicrobial premium filters, giving you the ability to choose which option is best for you and your family, at affordable prices.  We offer indoor air quality testing, market leader air purifiers, and masks at affordable prices.

Our professional services include IAQ assessment, investigations, and independent verification of air quality after remediation work.  We offer anyone in Beijing our free awareness indoor air quality assessment with no sales pressure.   We will explain other testing and investigative services that we offer which may be appropriate for you, once we understand your specific concerns, building type, air quality related health symptoms you or other family members may be experiencing, as well as any recent renovations in or outside of your home.  Our experts are also available for educational and awareness seminars and customized onsite training programs.

Our consultants and field engineers will recommend the best solution for each customer’s needs, depending on their unique concerns.  We offer pre and post sale testing of indoor air quality.  By using advance professional grade laser particle counters and calibrated gas detectors, we can determine the level and type of impurities in your air and the best ways to address them.  We can also provide advice about the best placement of your existing or new air purifiers to help you maximize benefits from them.

In addition to onsite factory training, membership in various professional organizations such as the Indoor Air Quality Association (iaqa.org) enable our professionals to continually expand and refresh their knowledge through participation in seminars and other training programs.

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While it is important to know what we do, we also feel that it is important for you to know what we do not do.  By limiting the scope of our activities, we can better focus on our core competencies.  We do not  do remediation work, so other than providing HEPA air filtration, to reduce particulate matter and gaseous pollutants, you will need a qualified contractor to do remediation.  We also do not do any water or mold testing, both of which can provide insight about your indoor air quality.  While we hope to expand our range of services in the future, we only offer services in which we have  proper training and equipment.