Aircil™ – IQAir® HyperHEPA® Antimicrobial Premium Filter

HyperHEPA Premium Filter

Aircil™ HyperHEPA® Antimicrobial Premium Filter

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Designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and performance, this extraordinary filter is made with medical quality antimicrobial HEPA media that will kill and inhibit the spread of pathogens such as H7N9, SARS, MERS-CoV, as well as the common flu in your home.  With its aluminum frame, it’s far more durable than the Styrofoam used by IQAir®, allowing a superior silicone foam seal for optimum total system efficiency. Not only is it stronger than Styrofoam, the aluminum frame is much thinner, allowing 5% more HEPA media in the same form factor as your original filter, extending its potential life and effectiveness.

Assuming average usage (24 hours per day) at fan speed 3, the filter lasts 15.9 months.  Due to the elevated levels of pollution in Beijing, HEPAChina™ recommends operation at the highest fan speed that is not intrusive to your daily activities and sleeping patterns.   Please see the chart for expected filter life for more details.  Made in USA.

Here’s a comparison between the HyperHEPA filter from IQAir® and  the HyperHEPA filter from Aircil™.

SealGroved Styrofoam® (ridged with poor pliability)Urethane foam (excellent pliability)
HEPA Media5.0 m25.3 m2 (5% more)
You can see from all the advantages of the Aircil’s™ filter are:

  • Stronger and thiner aluminum frame, allowing more room for HEPA antimicrobial media. Highly recyclable.
  • Less air leakage, much more tolerant of manufacture specification deviation or worn filter frame on the machine.
  • Capable of disrupting virus and bacteria on HEPA antimicrobial media that inhibits their growth.