Aircil™ – IQAIR PreMax with Intergraded Coarse Particle Premium Filter


Aircil™ - IQAIR PreMAX™ with Intergraded Coarse Particle Premium Filter


Featuring an aluminum frame, our pre-filter has been designed with an integrated  washable coarse particle filter and still packs the same volume of highly effective class F8 filter media as the OEM. Before the prefilter media goes to work stopping 99% of particles at the 5 micron level, the coarse particle filter will remove hair, dust and other large particles to keep your home and IQAir’s® other filters from being saturated prematurely, making them even more effective at providing you with clean air. IQAir’s® own PF40™ Kit for coarse particles sells for USD$ 139 and is not even available in China. For even cleaner air, you can remove and wash (water or mild dish soap – rinse and dry thoroughly) the removable coarse particle pad to keep coarse and fine particles from prematurely saturating the HyperHEPA® filter. Our superiorly designed PreMax™ filter will not only save you money, but will help you breathe cleaner air. A remarkable value!

Assuming average usage (24 hours per day) at fan speed 3, the filter lasts 6.2 months. Due to the elevated levels of pollution in Beijing, HEPAChina™ recommends operation at the highest fan speed that is not intrusive to your daily activities and sleeping patterns. Please see the chart for expected filter life for more details.  Made in USA.

Here is a comparison between PreMAX filters from IQAir and Aircil.

FrameXPS (Styrofoam®)Aluminum
Coarse Particle FilterNot includedIncluded
Removable Washable PadDoes not have a coarse particle padYes (coarse filter pad only, F8 main filter media is non-washable).

The advantages of the Aircil’s™ Filter are:

  • Highly recyclable aluminum frame provides greater strength than extrude polystyrene (XPS) plastic with less bulk, allowing room for a coarse particle filter.
  • Integrated coarse particle filter removes hair/dander and other large particles, prolonging the life and efficiency of the PreMax filter; allowing it to absorb PM10 to PM 2.5 particles, especially in dusty environments and homes with pets.