Aircil™ - IQAIR V5-Cell™ Premium Filter

¥1350 With the same “V” shaped chamber as the original and its 2.9 kilograms of activated carbon/zeolite mixed potassium (the same effective compound used by IQAir®), your air will be rid of harmful VOCs and other impurities. Its sturdy food grade resin extruded molded side panels make it much less prone to damage during handling and use, reducing the chances of potassium permanganate particles leaking out. Thanks to its effective manufacturing process, we are able to offer this superior filter for less than the cost of the original. Assuming average usage (24 hours per day) at fan speed 3, the filter lasts 9.6 months. Due to the elevated levels of pollution in Beijing, with many unknown and insufficiently regulated VOCs released into the air, HEPAChina™ recommends operation at the highest fan speed that is not intrusive to your daily activities and sleeping patterns. Please see the chart for expected filter life for more details. Here is a comparison between V5-Cell filters from IQAir and Aircil.
End CapsCorrugated Cardboard (Less sturdy, susceptible to leakage) Molded Polyurethane (Food Grade with virtually no off gassing)
Carbon/zeolite2.5 kg.2.5 kg.
VOC ControlerPotassium permanganatePotassium permanganate
You can tell that Aircil’s™ filter is:

  • Much more durable, resistant to accidental leakage of carbon/zeolite and potassium permanganate

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