IQAir® HealthPro™ Plus 250 NE


IQAIR® HEALTHPRO™ PLUS 250 NE is IQAir’s™ best selling room air purifier.

It combines four advanced filtration technologies to efficiently remove a large variety of particulate and molecular air pollutants. Every new HealthPro® Plus comes with free white glove delivery and our indoor air quality awareness assessment of your homes’ PM2.5 Air Quality Index, a measure of your new IQAir® HealthPro™ Plus HEPA performance, a safety check for odorless Carbon Monoxide (as well as the presence combustible gases), and a measure of Oxygen levels within Beijing 4th ring road. Outside of Beijing, we offer free delivery. A premium 1000 watt transformer with cooper windings to provide years of reliable service will accompany your new machine. A limited HEPAChina™ one year warranty is included.  Made in Switzerland.