IQAir PreMax Filter


The workhorse of your IQAir HealthPro is its newly designed PreMax™ pre-filter, trapping many of the larger course and fine particles in the air such as dust, pollen and mold spores, greatly extending the effective life of ultra fine HyperHEPA® filter.  It delivers clean, healthier air with its ultra fine filtration action.   Don’t let the term “pre-filter” fool you, this is a very effective filter, stopping 99%  of particles at the 5 micron level, rivaling and surpassing many of the so called “HEPA-Like” purifiers on the market.  With the particle filtration separated into two stages, you get the great economy of having an effective class F8 pre-filer that can be replaced separately from its HyperHEPA® partner, saving it from a premature decline in efficiency due to saturation of the large particles that your PreMAX™ filter has been optimized to trap.

Assuming average usage (24 hours per day) at fan speed 3, the filter lasts 6.2 months.  Due to the elevated levels of pollution in Beijing, HEPAChina™ recommends operation at the highest fan speed that is not intrusive to your daily activities and sleeping patterns.   Please see the chart for expected filter life for more details.  Made in Switzerland.