IQAir® V5-Cell™ Filter


The “Plus” in your HealthPro™ Plus is the V5-Cell™ filter’s ability to remove household low-level gas and odors, in addition to allergens.  This meant designing an innovative filter that compliments the PreMAX™ pre-filter and HyperHEPA® filter.  IQAir® engineers accomplished this by combining two types of media: one that adsorbs odors and gases, and another that changes the pollutant to an oxidized form.  It’s five V-shaped chambers filters hold 2.9 Kilograms of carbon mixed with alumina based potassium permanganate in such a manner that air flow is not decreased more than 0.6 cubic meters per minute when passing simultaneously through them.  As a result, the filtration of the HealthPro Plus, removes more than 200 pollutant gases and odors from your home down to 0.003 microns with a guaranteed minimum efficiency of over 99.5%.  The outcome is air as clean as it smells.

Assuming average usage (24 hours per day) at fan speed 3, the filter lasts 9.6 months.  Due to the elevated levels of pollution in Beijing, with many unknown and insufficiently regulated VOCs released into the air, HEPAChina™ recommends operation at the highest fan speed that is not intrusive to your daily activities and sleeping patterns.   Please see the chart for expected filter life for more details.  Made in Switzerland.